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Austin Mayor Meet Up
Learning Expo
McGraw-Hill Learning Lab
Unity Interactive Tech Lounge
WE over Me: From College to Movement
E3 Alliance
Coffee Break in the Playground
Innovation Hub
Mar 6, 2018
10:00am – 6:00pm CT
Mar 6, 2018
10:00am – 5:00pm CT
Belinda Neal (TEPSA): Mentor
Beyond Buzzwords: Competency, Culture, & Equity
Building the Social Emotional Learning Network
Business Minded Adult Education
Call to Action: Closing the Accessibility Gap
Carlos Moreno (Big Picture Learning): Mentor
Creative Collaborations
Mar 6, 2018
11:00am – 1:00pm CT
Data, Districts, & Schools, Oh My!
Designing the Next Super School
Dupe Aleru (SCALE High Program): Mentor
Educating Students in Recovery from Addiction
Ellen Deutscher (Empathy2Action): Mentor
Empathetic by Design
Mar 6, 2018
11:00am – 12:00pm CT
Escape the Test! A Deeper Learning Puzzle Bus
Fidget Spinners, Mindfulness, & Flow
Grow Your Own Teachers
The Rise of AI & What It Means for Education Meet Up
Tommaso Lana (Embodied Learning): Mentor
Using Technology to Enrich Classroom Learning
Van Davis (Foghlam Consulting): Mentor
What’s Public About Public Education
Your Privilege Is Showing
Leave No Child Offline & Leave No Teacher Behind
Ann Gadzikowski Book Signing
Community College Meet Up: Learning that Excites
Dupé Aleru Book Signing
Edtech & Data Privacy: The Case for Transparency
ENCORE: Let's Teach About Race
Mar 6, 2018
12:30pm – 1:30pm CT
Getting Graduates Employed: A New Job for K-12
Human Skills for Digital Natives
Immersive Learning with Google
Innovation Underground
Mindfulness & Student Voice
Mar 6, 2018
12:30pm – 1:30pm CT
Next Generation Digital Learning Environments
Rebecca Pope-Ruark Book Signing
Robb Doub (New Markets Venture Partners): Mentor
Valencia Hall (Houston ISD): Mentor
VR: Beyond Virtual Field Trips to Building Empathy
Where Does AI Leave Teachers? Case: Finland
Franco Soldi Book Signing
Personalize Programs-as-a-Service
Student Startup Competition
Capturing Data in Authentic Writers Workshop
Pius Wong Book Signing
Show Me Democracy
Tools for Building Sustainable SEL Implementation
What Do Kids Know? Building Systems for Learning
Arthur Mills (Mills Management Group): Mentor
Buying the Right Edtech ISTE Meet Up!
Mar 6, 2018
2:00pm – 3:00pm CT
Can Personalized Learning Replace Testing?
Carmen Strigel (RTI International): Mentor
Changing Guatemala One Dream at a Time
Choosing Love After Sandy Hook with SEL
Higher Ed Solutions with Google
The Invisible Million: Homeless Students in the U.S.
James Butler Book Signing
Manoush Zomorodi Book Signing
Master the Forces Shaping Global EdTech
The Messy Living Room of Racism: Time to Clean Up
The Movement Towards an Inclusive Austin
Planting the Seeds for Success During K-12
You Can't Solve What You Don't Understand
Be Proud: Visibility of LGBTQ Educators
Democratizing Data for Student Attainment
Laila Sanguras Book Signing
Education by Design
Employability & the High School Experience
Future Learning: AI’s Impact on Tomorrow's Worker
Scarlett Lewis Book Signing
Accidental Consequences of Student Privacy Laws
Alissa Cherry (Reel Works): Mentor
Free College Comes with a Cost
Justice & Opportunity Through Disruption
Kevin Jones (Polk State College): Mentor
Matt Reamy (Reamy Consulting Group): Mentor
Putting Learning Science Research to Work
Rise Up: Young Leaders Using Art For Change
Season Mussey (Kaya Teacher Project): Mentor
The State of the K-12 Market Meet Up
Mar 6, 2018
3:30pm – 4:30pm CT
Supporting Refugee Students
Tales from Edtech Accelerators
Beyond Mastery: The Six Elements of CBE
Kamau Ware Book Signing
Kathleen McClaskey Book Signing
Learn by Design
The Moth in the Classroom: Telling True Stories
A Seat at the Table: Creating Inclusive Spaces
Synergistic Data Science & Causal Inference
Taking Over Higher Education with VR & AR
Texas High School Shorts
Administrator Supports for Co-Teachers
Ami Shah Book Signing
Arts Education in 2018 Meet Up
Mar 6, 2018
5:00pm – 6:00pm CT
Breaking Tech Teaching Norms
Closing the Digital Gap in Urban Districts
Dance in Urban Education
Developing Leaders for Future Ready Schools
Family & Community Engagement 2.0
Happy Hour in the Innovation Hub
Internet, Education, & Overlooked Populations
Mission Critical: Train Like the Army
Practitioner Perspective: Finding Edtech Efficacy
Rethink Higher Education
Promoting Holistic Success for All Students
Teaching in the Machine Age
Startup Spotlight
Fail State
Mar 6, 2018
7:00pm – 9:00pm CT
A Genius Reception!
#AchieveMore Party
Mar 6, 2018
7:30pm – 11:00pm CT