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Timothy Wagner
Upper St. Clair School District
Andy Walker
Senior Creative
Inizio Engage XD
Javier Wallace
Founder & Guide
Black Austin Tours
Aya Waller-Bey
PhD Candidate in Sociology
University of Michigan
Greg Walton
Professor Of Psychology
Stanford University
Cat Ward
Vice President, Employer Mobilization
Jobs for the Future
Ericka Weathers
Assistant Professor, Policy, Organizations, Leadership, and Systems Division
University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education
Emily Weinstein
Executive Director & Principal Investigator
Center for Digital Thriving, Harvard Graduate School of Education
Kade Wells
Sioux Falls Public Schools & University of Sioux Falls
Napoleon Wells
Clinical Psychologist
Department of Veterans Affairs
Donna Westbrooks-Martin
Executive Director
Adults & Children with Learning and Developmental Disabilities, Inc.
Andrea Whatley
Lever Leader Teacher
Lockhart ISD
Angela Whitelaw
Deputy Superintendent of Schools and Academic Support
Memphis-Shelby County Schools
James Whitfield, Ed.D.
Board Member
Transform 1012 N. Main Street
Lindsay Whorton
The Holdsworth Center
Julie Willcott
Education Products Manager
Natalie Williams
Director of Education
Miami Children’s Museum
Twaina Williams
Family Engagement Specialist
Expecting Health
Jason Wilmot
Head Of Education
Benoit Wirz
Brighteye VC
Conrad Wolfram
Co-Founder & Ceo; Founder,
Wolfram Research Europe
Randall Woodfin
City of Birmingham
Janelle Wood
Founder & CEO
Black Mothers Forum, Inc.
Shane Woods
Executive Director & Ceo
Carey Wright
Interim State Superintendent of Schools
Maryland State Department of Education
Henrietta Wright
Professor, Department Of Teacher Education & Professional Development
Morgan State University
Jaylen Wright
Youth Advisory Council Member
Vocal Justice
Josh Wyner
Founder & Executive Director
The Aspen Institute College Excellence Program