Treasa Powathil

Georgetown University

Treasa was born in Rochester, NY, but moved to Albany within three months of her birth. She has grown up in the same in same public school system since she was in kindergarten and has witnessed both the changes of her peers and herself wrought by their education. Treasa was an almost unhealthily eager learner until she entered middle school, when grades spoiled whatever passions she had nurtured as a youth. In high school, Treasa was able to reclaim her love of learning by apostatizing her worship of the 4.0 and choosing not to find value in what schools value, and instead to find value in what she had in fact always valued. She joined the local youth orchestra and became the Principal Oboe. She involved herself immensely in the work of student journalism, eventually working her way up to Editor-in-Chief. She started reading books again, and again found the courage to explore in spite of the consequences. She graduated high school in 2018 and will be attending Georgetown University.

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