Richard Boyd


Co-founder and CEO of a machine learning company called Tanjo Inc. and co-founder of a simulation learning company called Ultisim. At Aerospace giant Lockheed Martin he created and led a group of innovative engineers and designers across all mission areas called Virtual World Labs. Richard joined Lockheed Martin in 2007 with the acquisition of 3Dsolve, a North Carolina based computer game technology firm where he was founder and CEO. Richard served for a decade on the executive management team of Virtus Corporation where he helped create several pioneering computer gaming companies including Red Storm Entertainment, with author Tom Clancy; iRock Entertainment with Ozzy Osbourne; and Timeline Computer Entertainment, with author Michael Crichton.
He also spearheaded the effort to use 3D visualization technologies to create virtual environments for movies including Warner Brothers' feature Fearless, a John Hay film titled The Steal, and Brian dePalma's blockbuster Mission: Impossible.