Mike Martoccia

Immersive Strategic Advisor
Booz Allen Hamilton

Mike Martoccia is known among his followers as the Gamification Crowdsourcer. Mike is a Strategic Innovator with 4TLabs, focused on immersive with Booz Allen Hamilton. Previous experience as the Director of Digital Strategy and Innovation at Brivo Labs, an IoT company leading the emerging Social Access Management trend and previously co-founded Dopamine, a design & strategy consultancy that builds next-generation loyalty programs for the world's best brands. In his role, Mike has managed the accounts of several fortune 100 clients and coordinated the crowds efforts to successfully design and execute projects and the overall engagement. A qualified relationship marketing leader, Mike has established an audience of thousands who actively follow and engage his content on a daily basis. A big believer in viralsourcing and creative injection, Mike consults with some of today’s leading startups focused on improved user re-uptake and the gamification of their content and products.