Joakina Stone

Relationship Mgr
Gates Millennium Scholars Program

Joakina Stone is an avid Solange fan and educator who values social justice, equity and the experiences of students of color on college campuses. She received a Bachelor’s of Science in Speech Communication from Oregon State University (OSU). It was at OSU that her passion for issues surrounding diversity and inclusion was developed and fostered. After leaving OSU, Joakina earned a Master’s in Education in College Student Personnel from the University of Maryland, College Park. Throughout her career she has implemented cultural events, facilitated meaningful dialogue concerning issues of diversity and inclusion and facilitated leadership workshops for students and staff. Joakina now works as a Relationship Manager for the Gates Millennium Scholars Program with UNCF, where she uses pop culture as reference to shape students' leadership experiences. She is eager to draw parallels from Solange's most recent album and how it relates to diversity in corporate settings and college campuses.