Ayah Bdeir

Founder & CEO

Ayah Bdeir is the founder and CEO of littleBits, an award-winning platform of easy-to-use electronic building blocks that is empowering kids everywhere to create inventions, large and small. Bdeir is an engineer, interactive artist and one of the leaders of the open source hardware movement. She has lectured extensively and taught numerous workshops to get non-engineers, and particularly young girls, interested in STEM and STEAM.

Bdeir’s career has centered on making education and innovation more accessible to people around the world. An alumna of the MIT Media Lab, Bdeir founded littleBits in 2011, after exhibiting a prototype at World Maker Faire in New York City. In 2012, Bdeir was awarded the highly prestigious TED fellowship, as one of 25 innovators from around the world. Her TED talk: “Building Blocks that Blink, Beep and Teach” about littleBits has over 1 million views. Originally from Lebanon, Ayah now lives in New York City.