Lasse Leponiemi

Head of Operations

Lasse has worked in education and career-planning since 2003. Currently he is focusing on how to help teachers across the world implement HundrED’s selected innovations. He leads the development of HundrED’s online platform and the community support functions in order to best serve HundrED’s network of teachers and innovators. As a part of HundrED he has been developing and implementing educational innovations such as Triplet News, Campus Seminars, Xprt application and many others.

He has also been building NGO Mentors of Finland, a non-profit organization that mentors unemployed young people to find a job, free-of-charge. Annually the organization helps 700 young people with an 87% success rate.

Previously, at the age of 23, Lasse co-founded an e-student counseling service. Anyone in Finland interested in university studies could access the service, which reached over 100,000 students monthly.