Jessica Spencer-Keyse

Global Research Lead

Jessica Spencer-Keyse is the Global Research Lead at She leads a team of researchers to understand educational innovation, for scale and impact, around the world. She seeks & researches thousands of educational projects worldwide to select 100 inspiring innovations to share and spread, to lead a grassroots revolution to improve the status quo in education for the next generation of learners.

Jessica’s passion for working in education began during her first degree studying International Relations at the University of Warwick due to her fascination with learning. She spent her extracurricular time supporting schools and young people in various ways. She co-founded a spoken word society to engage youth in understanding language, self and literature, in an accessible and original programme, as well as and volunteering weekly in local primary schools to improve reading skills for children one-to-one & in small groups. She also worked as a teaching assistant for 4 years.