Robert Goodman

New Jersey Center for Teaching and Learning

Dr. Bob Goodman never anticipated that his first quick spin around Bergen Tech to better equip his new classroom would be the first step toward challenging the entire status quo system of STEM education. But it was. Bob had always loved science. After graduating from MIT, he headed into a career in audio electronics, where he served as the president and CEO of several well- known brands. But after over twenty years in business, Bob took a dramatic step. He returned to his passion for physics, volunteering to teach his first classes at a nearby private school and then earning his Masters in Teaching. Bob developed his own curriculum: the Progressive Science Initiative (PSI®), which eliminated the need for textbooks and provided an easily replicable format to engage the entire classroom. In 2006, Bob was named New Jersey Teacher of the Year; the same year that the New Jersey Education Association asked him to be a founding board member of NJCTL, and in 2009, Executive Director.