Jon McKenzie

Deans Fellow for Media & Design
Cornell University

Jon McKenzie is Dean’s Fellow for Media and Design and Visiting Professor of English at Cornell University, where for the past year he has been giving workshops on transmedia knowledge across campus based on the StudioLab pedagogy he developed while teaching digital performance at NYU and working in NYC’s Silicon Alley. He is the author of Perform or Else: From Discipline to Performance, which focuses on cultural, organizational, and technological performance in contemporary societies, and such essays as “Laurie Anderson For Dummies.” His work has been translated into a half-dozen languages. Founder and former director of DesignLab, a design consultancy for higher education at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, McKenzie has produced numerous experimental video essays. In 2013, HOBO Art Foundation and the New Theatre of Warsaw co-produced Disastronauts, an experimental theatre work with dance and Theremins based on Perform or Else and his video The Revelations of Dr. Kx4l3ndj3r.