Gabriela Brenes

Mik by TrackLabs

Costa Rican multimedia journalist obsessed with social inclusion, music and digital storytelling. Truly passionate about transdisciplinary work and human-centered design, this award-winning pianist turned to journalism and digital narratives to push the boundaries of storytelling and education in Latin America. First TED Education Club Leader in Central America, she's devoted her efforts to launching innovation in schools in a sustainable and inclusive manner. She’s also an international teacher for the United Nation’s Global Youth Media Initiative in Zambia. Member of the renowned initiative Connectas Hub, Gabriela has contributed to multiple cross-border investigations in Latin America, specializing in gender and migration. She’s also a Chicas Poderosas Ambassador for Costa Rica and Argentina, and the Journalism 360 Ambassador for Latin America. In a Venn Diagram with digital strategy, social research and multimedia literacy, she'd be right where the circles overlap.