Amar Dev

Improv Consultant

I’m a philosopher at heart. Specifically, I am fascinated by the philosophy of the creative process...which is what I explored for my BA and Masters. When I took my first improv class, I was completely taken by its universality. It didn’t matter what task I was engaged in...the precepts and principles of improv could, without fail, be applied to the process at hand. It’s no wonder that this meme, appropriately named applied improv, is beginning to spread through professional circles...for its sincerity promotes a creative innocence often lacking in the workplace. Ultimately, humans were designed to have fun in their endeavors so that it becomes second nature to go beyond what was thought to be possible.. I am delighted to have found this avenue for has helped me greatly in my journey towards excellence...and I can think of no better way of being in service to humanity than to spread this art form all arenas of life...especially education.