Kristen Erickson

Chair History Dept & Dir Luchsinger Gallery
Greenwich Academy

Kristen Erickson's background as a museum curator has shaped her vision as an educator. She looks for opportunities to disrupt conventions, to activate spaces in new ways, and to turn notions on their heads. She earned degrees in French and art history from Vassar College and the University of Oxford, working at the Ashmolean Museum, Smith College Museum of Art, and Museum of Modern Art in New York before landing at Greenwich Academy in CT. A single mother raising two boys, she teaches history, art history, and a seminar in Middle Eastern history. She's served as a dean and now as chair of the history department. She runs the campus art gallery, bringing emerging New York and New Haven artists to Greenwich. During fall 2017, Kristen curated the first Portal at a K-12 school, bringing hundreds of students into an immersive, global learning space. This fall, she'll convert a room at her school into a Portal Classroom as Greenwich Academy, furthering opportunities for global education.