Lewis Lee

Outreach Coord
Shared_Studios; Milwaukee Fatherhood Initiative

Lewis is a black man living in the US zip code with the highest black male incarceration rate. Raised by a single mother, he moved to Milwaukee in the witness protection program and became a father while in his teens. His neighborhood has been plagued by gun violence and poor relations with the police. Incarcerated at a young age, Lewis now leads the Milwaukee Fatherhood Initiative, encouraging incarcerated men to take charge of their lives and re-engage with their families. A former gang member, he's now involved in Youth Rising Up Radio and the COA Goldin Community Center, mentoring young boys and girls in his neighborhood. He was involved in the creation of the film “Milwaukee 53206,” addressing criminal justice issues in his neighborhood, and for the past year he has served as curator of the Milwaukee Portal. Lewis has used the Portal as a tool for good, helping to transform his neighborhood and inspiring young people around the world.