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IZ Avila
Aside from acquiring 5 Grammy’s in music, numerous nominations as a Songwriter/ Producer... selling over 40 million records to date in Pop Music.. IZ Avila has traveled the world as the DJ for Usher for the last 6yrs, performing for Obamas 2013 inauguration in Washington DC, 5 SOLD-OUT nights at the 02 Arena or even for Bill Clinton's Charity event at the Hollywood Bowl with Bono of U2 & Stevie Wonder. IZ says, "I'm all about the freshness of my creativity. I enjoy fuzing the way I make records with how I create for a live show and what I want the audience to experience"
In addition to his chops as an accomplished Drummer, Percussionist and Bassist, IZ Avila is perhaps best known for his mastery of his MPC3000, his turntables, crates of vinyl and world-renowned live DJ work and musical production with superstar artists.
IZ Avila started performing at a very young age. At 6 years old, IZ had his very first drum set. A natural, the youngster was constantly disassembling the kit in an attempt to mimic the sounds of his father's James Brown records. IZ adds, "I was always into the pulse of what the beat was doing and started developing my own feel which at that time the Masters called 'the Pocket.'" Early on IZ's father began sneaking his protégé brother Bobby into the various clubs where his band was performing. Not shy about putting their talents on display, He would have Bobby and IZ play during the band's breaks. The boys were hooked.
As IZ and Bobby matured, the brothers began honing their performance skills and started assembling their own shows. By 1989, IZ was deeply immersed in hip-hop culture and music. EPMD, A Tribe Called Quest, NWA, Public Enemy and Boogie Down Productions were favorites. His experience in hip-hop stayed with him and became a part of his world. IZ muses, "From the dancing aspect, to hearing beats in my head, I knew hip-hop would be the pallet from which I would one day paint."
In 2001, IZ landed an opportunity to travel the world w

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