Liam Nilsen

JoyLabz/Makey Makey - VP Community Engagement & Development


Quick Bio

Liam Nilsen helps people make instruments out of fruits and vegetables. Liam works with artists and educators to teach Invention Literacy by making games, music, specialized interfaces, and tools out of household objects and a Makey Makey. By tinkering with everyday materials students start to see that everything in the world can be reshaped and reinvented - and that all the complex gizmos we use each day were invented the same way - starting out as a simple idea. Liam teaches culture creation, tinkering, game design, facilitation, writing, puzzle solving, cooking, and more! as an agile learning facilitator. As an advocate for self-directed learning he opened Endor ALC, an alternative high school learning center where students and facilitators work together to create an environment of exploration and invention without classes, tests, or grades. Growing up as an Unschooler Liam never attended school. He strongly believes in children inventing their own lives and their own kitchen appliances.

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