Jamel Mims



Quick Bio

Jam No Peanut is a rapper, interactive media artist, educator and revolutionary bringing trap music and technology to the fight against mass incarceration and police terror. A Fulbright Scholar and organizer whose who's faced jail time with Cornel West and Carl Dix , and organized the Hell You Talm Bout demonstrations with Janelle Monae, Jam No Peanut is out to change the world with art and revolutionary action.

Born in Southeast, Washington, DC, Jam No Peanut blends hip hop, interactive technology and revolutionary content in his installations and live performances - taking the sinister undertone of trap music and injecting it with revolutionary lyrics. Mims, who is fluent in mandarin, switches between english and chinese in politically charged verses - while live shows and are an experiential blend of interactive technology, dynamic performance, and compelling revolutionary content.

In the classroom, Mims is the director of the Fresh Prep program, which uses original hip hop music, culturally responsive pedagogy and technology to help previously-failing high school students pass the New York State Regents exams. His work in art, music, interactive technology and organizing against mass incarceration has been featured in Alleywatch, Complex, New York Times, and the Nation, among others.

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