Anne Praderas Vance

Austin Community College - Math Professor


Quick Bio

Anne Praderas Vance has been teaching mathematics for over 25 years. Her main passions in education are teaching mathematical understanding to those who think they can’t do math, and providing high quality professional development opportunities for faculty.

Ms. Vance began her career in 1990, She joined Austin Community College in 2002 as an adjunct mathematics instructor, moving on to full-time Assistant Professor of Mathematics at Austin Community College in 2007. Ms. Vance is currently an assistant department chair for the ACC Math Department. She is also a co-developer and content author for MATD 0385: Developing Mathematical Thinking course committee. MATD 0385 is a developmental mathematics course for non-STEM majors; it relies heavily on collaborative learning and helping students make sense of mathematics from an intuitive perspective. Ms. Vance chairs the math department’s Professional Development Committee and the ALEKS Developmental Math Committee.

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