Leslie McBeth

Future Design School (FDS) - Dir of Professional Dev


Quick Bio

Leslie McBeth is an educator on a mission to answer the question: How might we empower students to to solve the world's big problems? In an increasingly uncertain world she believes we need to prepare our students to be creative, entrepreneurial, and fearless in the face of failure. As Innovation Lead at Future Design School, Leslie uses her expertise in design thinking and project-based learning to develop professional development programs that allow students to tackle big real-world problems.
Leslie spent six year teaching Green Industries at Greenwood College School where she designed project-based learning activities that used the city as a teaching tool. In her former life in New York City, Leslie built the foundation of a her teaching philosophy at the Center for Urban Pedagogy and learned to use design to solve big problems at the Design Trust for Public Space. Prior to that, she spent two year advocating for human rights with a NGO the United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland.

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