Anne Hudgens

Colorado State University - Exec Dir Colorado State University Health Network


Quick Bio

Anne Hudgens has been known as a “utility player” over the course of her career in Student Affairs in Higher Education. She has worked on three campuses in roles including training and leadership development, residence life, student conduct, student services, Dean of Students and now campus health services. Central to each role has been a passion for developing services that meet the needs of the changing nature of students and college campuses including campus unrest, drug and alcohol concerns, campus crises (including suicide and campus shootings), the burgeoning demand for mental health services, and social justice issues. In her current role, Anne oversees the Colorado State University (CSU) Student Health Network that provides a full range of medical, mental health, health education, and prevention services to optimize the health of students and the campus community. Anne is also an Assistant Professor in the School of Education at CSU.

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