Lillie Schachter

American Museum of Natural History - Helen Fellow Education


Quick Bio

Lillie Schachter grew up in Los Angeles expecting to follow in her father's footsteps, in one way or another, into the world of show business. Fast forward to an introductory CS course her freshman year at a liberal arts college in Connecticut, and that plan changed. Since then she has taught CS as it was taught to her, a science in and of itself, and separately as a tool to achieve very specific goals within the bootcamp environment. These juxtaposing experiences puts her in a particularly effective position to combine the two techniques into an engine for interdisciplinary thinking. This combined with her work as a student to bring more women into her school's CS department has driven her to bridge other gaps currently holding the tech/CS world back, that of racial and socio-economic disparities among many others. BridgeUp: STEM shares these aims and moves them forward in ways Ms. Schachter believes she can share with the SXSW community.

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