Sarah Hernholm

WIT (Whatever It Takes) - Founder/Pres


Quick Bio

In 2005, Sarah Hernholm painted 3 words - Whatever It Takes - on a banner & hung it in her classroom. It became the motto of all the classes she taught during her teaching career...and eventually the name of her company.

In 2009, Sarah left teaching and focused on creating a platform where youth could get their ideas heard and serve in leadership roles within their community. This platform became WIT - Whatever It Takes - the only 6 unit college credit social entrepreneur and leadership course in the country for high school teens. Upon completion of the once a week, 34 week course, teens earn 6 units from UCSD. Teens accepted into WIT learn how to design and launch, manage and measure, a social enterprise. Over the years teens have launched enterprises that have made a local and national impact.

In addition to running WIT, Sarah is hired by individuals, school districts & corporations to get trained in the "11 Tips for Doing WIT" & value of entrepreneurial mindset.

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