Bree Langemo

The Entrepreneurial Learning Initiative - President


Quick Bio

Bree Langemo leads the national strategy for partnership development for the Entrepreneurial Learning Initiative. As Dean of Business, Public Service & Social Sciences at Pikes Peak Community College in Colorado Springs, Bree helped coordinate the rollout of the Ice House Entrepreneurship Program as a required student success course with extraordinary results. She now assists higher education institutions and organizations to cultivate an entrepreneurial culture with stakeholder buy-in and plan impactful, metric driven implementations.

Bree has authored multiple publications and has spoken at numerous regional, national, and global conferences and educational events, most recently, the following:

Circle of Excellence Conference (South Africa)
The Rural Innovation Conference (Snow College)
American Association of Community Colleges’ Annual Conference
National Association for Community College Entrepreneurship Annual Conference
Association for Managers of Innovation
Viborg International School – Mercantec (Denmark) Graduation Keynote
Colorado Springs Executives Association

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