Ashley Bliss Lima

The University of Texas at Austin - Asst Dir Strategic Policy


Quick Bio

Ashley Bliss Lima serves as Asst Director in the Office Strategy and Policy and the University Innovation Alliance Fellow at UT Austin. She is responsible for coordinating strategic initiatives related to policy and research, developing and stewarding partnerships, researching and monitoring key policy issues, and supporting strategic communications efforts. Prior to this role, she served in the Office of the VP and the Division of Diversity and Community Engagement at UT Austin. Her passion and interest in broad educational access by means of policy, advocacy, and innovation, and the opportunity for direct student impact, led to her work in education. Ashley has a master’s in Public Policy from UC Berkeley. She has a bachelor’s in Economics and International Affairs from Georgia Tech. Ashley started her career as staff on a presidential campaign, followed by several US congressional races. She has worked for a US Congresswoman and at a public relations firm in Washington DC.

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