Cathleen Ash

Manor ISD - Librarian


Quick Bio

iography of a Librarian (what a long strange trip it’s been!) – Cathleen Ash

In 1985, I received a BA in English and took a cut in pay from my bartending gig to accept a staff position at the Harvard Graduate School of Ed. On to the corporate world and within 8 years I was bored, so back to school for a Master’s in Teaching. Traveled, learned, worked temp jobs and contracts (including South Korea, labeling CIBO Pesto jars, and more bartending!). Taught a few years, loved it (after first year hell was over, that is), then took a job – that dot.bombed after a year and half. It was here I gained my most valuable skills: marketing and project management! Travel and contracts again until I got a call from my old school: want to be our librarian?

So it was back to education, working full-time and taking two-graduate courses for a Masters in Library Information Science from San Jose State. It was tiring – but I loved it! I was blending my geek with my teaching – it couldn’t get any better!

After getting my degree – and a few years under my belt of experience running a library, I moved to Texas and took a job at Manor High School – it’s been a wild ride….and it got even wilder! Rule of Thumb: never accept the job before you see where you’re actually going to work! I’ve spent the last three and a half years making the library a learning-space, reading space and social space. The blend of business, marketing, project management and education has served me –and the community I serve – well.

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