Julia Freeland Fisher

Christensen Institute - Dir/Education


Quick Bio

Julia Freeland Fisher is the director of education research at the Clayton Christensen Institute. She leads a team that educates policymakers and community leaders on the power of disruptive innovation in the K-12 and higher education spheres through its research. Her team aims to transform monolithic, factory-model education systems into student-centered designs that educate every student successfully and enable each to realize his or her fullest potential.

Julia has published and spoken extensively on trends in the EdTech market, blended learning, competency-based education, and the future of schools. Julia’s writing has appeared in outlets including Education Next, Forbes, entrepreneur.com, the Chicago Sun-Times, and the New Hampshire Union Leader. Her recent white papers focus on how disruptive innovations are changing the education landscape. These include The educator’s dilemma: When and how schools should embrace poverty relief with Michael B. Horn, Schools and software: What’s now and what’s next with Alex Hernandez, and Blending toward competency: Early patterns of blended learning and competency-based education in New Hampshire.

Julia’s current research focuses on emerging tools and practices that leverage technology to radically expand who students know – their stock of “social capital” – by enhancing their access to and ability to navigate new peer, mentor, and professional networks. Prior to joining the Institute, Julia worked at NewSchools Venture Fund, a venture philanthropy organization that supports education entrepreneurs who are transforming public education. She also served as an instructor in the Yale College Seminar Program. Julia holds a bachelor’s degree from Princeton University and a JD from Yale Law School.

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