Eric Nentrup

Alma - Dir of K-12 Solutions US Public Schools & Districts


Quick Bio

Eric Nentrup made the shift to working full-time in instructional technology after five years in Indiana classrooms. He started his education career teaching English in a small urban charter school, followed by a large suburban public school where he ran their virtual school. During this time he became involved in advocating for teachers in state education policy, focusing on teachers actively advocating for kids through innovation and progressive methods to improve outcomes in our modern education system. His prior career spanned a decade as a writer-producer and creative director for businesses and organizations including education clientele. Eric sees his current work in edtech and in ed policy as a natural extension of his first career: telling story to a particular audience so they reach understanding and take action. At Alma, Eric helps educators around the country adopt modern, intuitive core technologies so they can focus on building stronger learning communities.

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