Kelly Mendoza

Common Sense Education - Director of Learning and Engagement


Quick Bio

Kelly Mendoza, Director of Learning and Engagement at Common Sense Education, oversees professional learning pathways that help educators - and their students - harness the potential of technology for learning and life. She supports educators in providing a pathway of learning and growth for digital teaching and citizenship. She has developed online courses, tutorials, training materials, microcredentials, webinars, and has produced over 100 videos to help educators teach digital literacy and digital citizenship, integrate technology into teaching, help parents guide kids’ media use, and build a positive school culture around media and technology. Kelly also oversees Common Sense Education’s Recognition and Ambassador programs, as well as the community engagement strategy to support educators. Kelly co-developed Common Sense’s K-12 Digital Citizenship Curriculum and translated this curriculum into iBooks Textbooks for teachers and students. Prior to Common Sense Education, through her work at the Media Education Lab, Kelly produced media literacy curriculum and online games for students, and education resources for PBS Frontline (Digital Nation and Growing Up Online) and PBS Teachers (a 2008 presidential election resource guide). She has taught undergraduate media and communication courses at several universities. She has a PhD in Media & Communication from Temple University. You can follow her on Twitter at @kmendoza

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