Emily Pilloton

Project H Design - Founder/Exec Dir


Quick Bio

Emily Pilloton is a designer and educator who founded Project H in 2008, believing deeply in the power of design and building to excite learning and citizenship. Project H teaches rigorous design iteration, tinkering, applied arts and sciences, and vocational building skills to give young people the creative, technical, and leadership tools necessary to make positive, long-lasting change in their lives and their communities. Her first crush, MacGyver, sparked her love of constrained problem-solving and tinkering. She went on to study architecture and building at UC Berkeley and SAIC. Emily’s ideas and work have made their way to the TED Stage, The Colbert Report, the New York Times, and more. She is the author of two books, Design Revolution: 100 Products that Empower People, and Tell Them I Built This: Transforming Schools, Communities, and Lives with Design-Based Education.

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