Skills, Not Jobs: New Opportunities for Higher Ed

Wednesday, March 8
12:00PM - 12:30PM
Hilton Austin Downtown - Salon B


Matthew Sigelman
Burning Glass Technologies - CEO



Hosted by Burning Glass Technologies: When it comes to preparing students for the job market, higher education is accustomed to thinking in terms of occupations. But job data research suggests higher education can open up more opportunities—and stay closer to the job market—by thinking in terms of skills, rather than jobs. Jobs are fundamentally bundles of skills, but increasingly, the job market unbundles skill sets, mixing skills from different disciplines into new jobs. This is particularly true of “disruptive skills,” like data analytics, with the power to upend entire job sectors. By identifying these skills early, higher education can seize opportunities and transition students more easily into employment.

Event Type:
Show & Tell
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