You’ve Built Your Community. Now, Engage Them!

Monday, March 6
12:00PM - 12:30PM
Hilton Austin Downtown - Salon B


Matt Price
Finn Partners - Deputy Research Dir


Hosted by Finn Partners: Whether you work for a small business, startup, nonprofit, university or school system, chances are you are constantly communicating with a multitude of different audiences. But how can you be sure you are meeting all your communities’ needs? Even when you know your audiences well, it can be a challenge to truly hear, learn and understand exactly what is needed for you to earn their trust, attention or business. Come learn about the opinion research tools we use to help people listen and learn – intently, effectively and frequently – so they can better meet their communities’ needs. As a bonus, we’ll share some insights we’ve learned about the SXSWedu community as well.

Event Type:
Show & Tell
branding audience insights community engagement

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