9 Billion Schools: The Launch of a Movement

Wednesday, March 8
1:00PM - 1:30PM
Hilton Austin Downtown - Salon B



Brian David Johnson
Arizona State University - Futurist in Residence


Lauren Della Bella
SHP Leading Design - Pres


Hosted by SHP Leading Design and the 9 Billion Schools Movement: It’s time to radically rethink education and the places where learning occurs. In our new world, education never ends. It can’t. Instead, it’s time to conceive of—and deliver—learning that recognizes individuality. It’s time to think of school not as a singular place or prescribed experience, but many places and many experiences: life-long, life-wide, life-deep. It’s time to think of each person as a “school” unto him or herself, with the exact right teachers and curriculum, guidance and opportunities, learning styles and spaces. Is it feasible? The 9 Billion Schools movement seeks to take learning to the next level, providing brighter futures to each and every learner—all 9 billion of us.

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Show & Tell
Learning Spaces
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