Dyslexia a Sea of Strength Catching the Wave Early

Tuesday, March 7
12:00PM - 12:20PM
JW Marriott - Room 201-202


Clee Upchurch
Decoding Dyslexia Texas - Advocate


In order to capitalize on the vast sea of strengths Dyslexics bring to our society we must use science to our advantage and screen early creating a wave of success instead of failure. Currently our education system uses a wait to fail model to identify students in need of specialized instruction, science gives us the opportunity to catch these bright minds before they fail, give educators the tools to be successful building strong learners from the very start. We will highlight the latest screening tools and approaches available and talk about what successful practices look like as early as Pre-K and on through 12.

Event Type:
Early Learning
policy early learning dyslexia

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