One World, Many Stories: A GNG VR Curriculum

Tuesday, March 7
11:15AM - 11:45AM
Austin Convention Center - Ballroom EFG


Grace Lau
Global Nomads Group - Dir of Virtual Reality


How can we teach empathy in a world increasingly characterized by xenophobia and racism? How can we help people recognize their common humanity and work together to solve global problems? One solution is the GNG VR Lab, which uses VR technology and curriculum to help students explore cultural identity, build multiple perspectives and develop 21st-century skills. GNG, Kentucky Education Development Corporation and Urban Arts Partnership proudly present One World, Many Stories, the VR Lab’s first original VR series. Depicting students’ lives in Jordan, New York, and Kentucky, the experiences engage students in deep reflection about the pressing questions facing youth all over the world.

Event Type:
Playground Hands On
sel global citizens vr

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