Beats & Lyrics for Healing & Learning

Tuesday, March 7
11:00AM - 12:00PM
Hilton Austin Downtown - Salon A


Elliot Gann
Today's Future Sound - Executive Director/Program Manager


Raphael Travis
FlowStory PLLC/Texas State University - Exec Dir/Assoc Professor


When a person first steps into a classroom, we have our opportunity to engage them. But we also have to keep them engaged. We also have to keep pace with mental health needs (e.g., stress and trauma) that seep into the classroom. For education to truly thrive, we must take advantage of culture, technology, multiple intelligences and most important our ability to connect with youth. Our model recognizes this, and the uniquely powerful and expanding opportunities of Hip-Hop culture in classrooms. We also provide a straightforward language and structure for using Hip-Hop in classrooms to help you begin. We describe, show you and then provide the basic resources to get started.

Event Type:
Core Conversation
music technology hip hop cpe credit

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