Innovating Instruction: Teachers as Designers

Tuesday, March 7
5:00PM - 6:00PM
Hilton Austin Downtown - Salon C


Caron Mineo
Center for Technology & School Change, Teachers College, Columbia University - Mgr


Ellen Meier
Teachers College Columbia University - Assoc Professor of Practice/Dir Center for Technology & School Change/Coord Educational Technology Specialist Certification Program


Karen Kirsch Page
Center For Technology And School Change, Teachers College, Columbia University - Professional Development Facilitator


What does it take to rebrand a school for the 21st Century? Adding a catchy name may be simple—but transforming the learning environment takes work. This case study session will focus on the efforts of two urban schools (one elementary, one middle) committed to owning their respective “inquiry” and “exploratory” titles. What do they have in common? Aside from supportive principals and enthusiastic teachers, the sites each participated in an intensive professional development program, modeled on the Innovating Instruction approach developed and refined by the Center for Technology and School Change at Teachers College, Columbia University with funding from the National Science Foundation.

Event Type:
Case Study
innovation implementation professional development cpe credit

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