How Can We pReach Beyond the Choir?

Wednesday, March 8
11:00AM - 1:00PM
Hilton Austin Downtown - Room 408


Catherine Cheo-Isaacs
Trevor Day School - Lower School Educational Technology Specialist


As a technology integration specialist, I have experienced the challenges of implementing new technology to a school. Whether it is hardware, software or curriculum, there has been resistance. Even innovative tools that provide students with opportunities to problem solve, and choice in how they express their knowledge, fall flat with educators, if they themselves are not inspired to use them. Too many PD sessions leave educators exhausted and feeling like the technology is an obligation, resulting in minimal use, and students losing out on meaningful experiences and learning. The goal of this session is to brainstorm ways to creatively reach those "beyond the choir."

Event Type:
Problem Solver
professional development technology adoption cpe credit

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