Rethinking Success: Teaching for Lifelong Learning

Wednesday, March 8
3:30PM - 4:30PM
JW Marriott - Salon C


Leah Lommel
Arizona State University - Asst VP & COO EdPlus at ASU


Nancy Cervasio
Arizona State University - Dir of Online Student Success Initiatives for the ASU Success Center


It is the responsibility of institutions to re-imagine how we serve students. How is higher ed layering in the integration of learning into practical applications while students are still enrolled? We know not all students have the same preparation and experiences. How can we leverage technologies, tools and service methodologies to help students outside the classroom? How are universities partnering with emerging platforms and redefining old service models to offer accessibility to a greater number of students? We will discuss trends in online learning that are shifting from an assessment based mind-set to a world of lifelong learners that will see far greater impact and student success.

Event Type:
Core Conversation
online learning success in education higher education

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