Build-Your-Own Learning Environment

Monday, March 6
11:30AM - 12:00PM
Austin Convention Center - Ballroom EFG


Grace O'Shea
room2learn - Entrepreneur


Jane Zhang
room2learn - CEO


What impact does the built environment have on learning? In this session, participants will put their creative juices (and hands!) to work in prototyping learning spaces. We'll start with a basic overview of the design elements of learning and working spaces. Participants will then form diverse teams around specific learning objectives. These teams, comprised of teachers, administrators and designers, will explore the learning and spatial needs of students when tackling a particular learning outcome. Teams will have access to a prototyping bar to construct physical models of learning environments fit to the student use case. The session will end with a walk-around showcase of space models.

Event Type:
Playground Hands On
Learning Spaces
prototyping learning and work environments space and place

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