Lean Learning Space Design: Prototyping & Piloting

Wednesday, March 8
4:00PM - 6:00PM
Hilton Austin Downtown - Room 408


Ameet Doshi
Georgia Institute of Technology - Dir of Service Experience & Program Design


Emily Puckett Rodgers
University of Michigan - Space Design & Assessment Librarian


Matthew Swift
brightspot strategy - Assoc Dir


Change is hard. Innovation is risky. Space is costly and time-consuming to change or create. Institutions can keep planning large, slow, expensive and risky learning space projects that might miss the mark. Or they can use “leaner” ways to imagine, test, and create learning spaces. Together, we will discover how prototypes, pop-ups and pilots can help you make progress and create innovative spaces that meet user needs now, not years later. Through activities and case studies, we will cover how to structure a participatory process that enables organizational change, describe how to launch and operate experimental initiatives and illustrate how to evaluate them to make the case for change.

Event Type:
Problem Solver
Learning Spaces
learning spaces prototyping lean

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