Equality, Justice & Access for the Deaf Community

Monday, March 6
3:30PM - 4:30PM
Hilton Austin Downtown - Salon A


Talila Lewis
Heard - Volunteer Director


Tamara Copeland-Samaripa
Texas School for the Deaf


The session will be a unique opportunity to have a civil dialogue with the deaf community as an active participant in deciding how best to make education, politics, social and economic justice available. We are dedicated to the creation of accessible communication opportunities for the deaf community. Our goal is to address the educational crisis of political exclusion and discrimination for Deaf Americans relative to active participatory Democracy. The Mayor’s Office reports that 8.8% of Austin’s residents are deaf or hard of hearing. There are approximately 36 million people with hearing loss, including Deaf and Hard of Hearing in the United States and nearly 11 million people use ASL.

Event Type:
Core Conversation
Special Needs
asl accessibility cpe credit

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