From Preschool to Pre-Service: Expecting Inclusion

Tuesday, March 7
11:00AM - 1:00PM
Hilton Austin Downtown - Room 408


Audrey Trainor
New York University - Assoc Professor of Special Education


Fabienne Doucet
New York University - Assoc Professor of Early Childhood Education & Program


Teachers and students still operate within damaging labels, and this is especially true for students with Special Needs and those who teach them. Inclusion, or combining Special and General Ed populations as well as ELL students, effectively combats this issue. Yet as districts trend towards inclusion, most certification programs encourage pre-service teachers to choose either Special or General Ed tracks, producing teachers only halfway equipped for the diversity of their classrooms. Here, the program director of the only fully inclusive school in Austin and professors from NYU will question and help develop pathways for expecting and implementing inclusion, from preschool to pre-service.

Event Type:
Problem Solver
higher education professional development cpe credit

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