Curriculum Overload - Let's Get Rid of Some Stuff!

Monday, March 6
11:00AM - 1:00PM
Hilton Austin Downtown - Room 408


Maya Bialik
Center for Curriculum Redesign - Researcher & Co-author


Michelle Blanchet
Center for Curriculum Redesign - K-12 Design Lead


The education world seems all about adding more to the plates of students and teachers. Why not take a step back and see what we can remove? Developing future ready students doesn't mean teaching students EVERYTHING; it means prioritizing what students learn so that it's as relevant as possible. In this workshop we we will facilitate an interactive dialogue (What should students be learning?/How can we get rid of the excess?) and introduce educators to the 4D model-a framework to make lessons more relevant. We will create a mini competition in which groups are asked to turn a boring lesson into a future ready lesson. Teams will compete to design the best 4D lesson. May the best lesson win!

Event Type:
Problem Solver
curriculum 21st century education cpe credit

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