Teaching is Fun Again with Deeper Learning

Monday, March 6
3:30PM - 4:30PM
JW Marriott - Salon C


Dana Schrader
Lake Travis ISD - Middle School Educator & Team Leader


Pete Hunt
Lake Travis ISD - 7th & 8th Grade Educator


As teachers, we often get frustrated with teaching a standard, testing on it and then just moving on to the next standard. We want real application for what students learn, in an environment that promotes interest, ownership, creativity and excitement. So this past year, we created a year-long, standard's-based project and had more fun than we have had in a while and the standards were taught above and beyond what we "normally" do. We got the chance to be creative, engage students & teach them state curriculum as well as life lessons. They learned more than facts, they applied skills creatively. It brought us back to why we got in to teaching and we would love to share our experience.

Event Type:
Core Conversation
pbl teaching cpe credit

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