Gamifying Practice in Music & Arts Education

Wednesday, March 8
12:30PM - 1:00PM
Austin Convention Center - Ballroom EFG


Martin Fowler
Soundfly - Prod


Learning in the arts has very little to do with receiving information and everything to do with creative play, practice and experimentation. But too often, we don't teach music and arts that way. We encourage learning by rote or repetitive practice. While those things might have a role to play, how can we encourage students to delight in the creation of art, while still pushing them to take the risks and challenges associated with improvement? In this session, we'll showcase and play with the Music Makers Challenge Cards, a new strategy intended to facilitate creative, active learning in the arts. The core concepts can be translated to any classroom or learning environment.

Event Type:
Playground Hands On
music education arts education active learning

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