CS Edu: Hack Science and the World's Problems

Monday, March 6
1:30PM - 2:00PM
Austin Convention Center - Ballroom EFG


Lillie Schachter
American Museum of Natural History - Helen Fellow Education


Natalia Rodriguez
American Museum of Natural History - Helen Fellow in Data Visualization


This session will discuss how combining the power of raw code with the Natural Sciences provides a new framework for teaching Computer Science. We will discuss how to present programming as a tool to solve problems in all areas of life and discuss how utilizing CS “the science” and CS “the tool” together in one curriculum has engaged students. Computer Science set against the entirety of the Natural Sciences makes space to find creative connections between seemingly abstract ideas. The limit then becomes the questions the students ask--and then answer--in order to tackle the most intriguing questions in their own communities.

Event Type:
Playground Talk
diversity interdisciplinary computer science for all

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